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Trendsetting Designs
We stay on top of trends for you! Add your custom graphics to build your brand and engage your fashion-savvy customers. Our mission is to deliver the latest aesthetics and functionalities, helping you create a captivating portfolio that resonates with your fashion-forward audience and boosts brand recognition.

Whether it’s a standard placement

Easily drop and preview your design in our user-friendly Design Creator.

A single print area can be as large as 16" x 21", giving you more space for details and a greater visual impact.

Or a unique and fun layout

One of our standout features is the extensive design freedom and the enjoyable, creative experience we offer. With multiple print areas, you can experiment with all your wild ideas and make your garments truly shine.

A Sustainable Clothing Brand Needs Not Only High-quality Basics But Also Environmental Protection, Low-carbon and Human Rights

Our factory has specialized in producing premium-quality goods for International Brands for 25 years.

We transform your creative designs
into high-quality products you’ll love

Our cutting-edge Brother GTX Pro-B Printer delivers your designs with unmatched print quality using eco-friendly, water-based inks.

With our skilled in-house production team and extensive industry experience, we complete 98% of orders within 48 hours.


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Dopamine Dressing Washed Gradient Stir Fried T-shirt(255GSM)
Unisex Oversized Snow Wash T-shirt(285GSM)
Unisex Super Heavyweight Oversized Faded Hoodie(440GSM)
Unisex Super Heavyweight Oversized Faded Sweatshirt(440GSM)