Terms of Service


Thank you for using PODpluser! Please read these terms of service carefully before using or accessing our platform. This document is a legally binding agreement between PODpluser and users regarding the use of the applications, software, products and services provided by PODpluser (collectively referred to as "services"). Your use of this website means that you accept and agree to be bound by this agreement, and you fully accept all the terms and conditions contained herein; we have other policies and procedures, including but not limited to return policies, privacy policies, etc., these policies Contains additional terms and conditions applicable to the service and is part of this agreement. If you do not agree to this agreement, please do not use this website or any other services.


Term definition:
Throughout the site, the terms “we”, “us” and “our” refer to PODpluser."user," "you," "your" refers to the individual person, company, or organization that has visited or is using the Website or Service of PODpluser; that accesses or uses any part of the account, or that directs the use of the account in the performance of its functions.


PODpluser reserves the right to modify the terms of service from time to time, and the latest version will always be published on our website. If we decide on our own that the revision is important, we will notify you. The "last updated" date at the top of the terms of service reflects the date of the last modification. Your use of this service after the effective date of any modification to the terms of service means that you accept such modification. If you do not agree to the new terms of service, you should stop using the website or any other services and cancel your account.


Section 1. PODpluser’s service

PODpluser is a platform that helps you create and sell customized branded clothing.
We provide you with the following services:

  1. PODpluser provides a free designer to help you freely realize your idea on the product;
  2. We maintain and create integrations with different sales channels(such as Shopify) so that your products can be easily released to your store;
  3. When a customer purchases your product through a sales channel, we will receive a notification. After you pay the order on PODpluser, Our own factory will print out your designed clothes;
  4. We cooperate with the logistics carrier and are responsible for delivering the goods to your customers to complete the order.


As a service provider, PODpluser provides clothing categories and is responsible for printing production. We are responsible for the product, printing quality, and delivery of your product. If you have any questions about the product, please contact the customer service of the PODpluser platform in time.
If you choose to use the service to sell your products, your relationship with PODpluser is limited to that of consumers, and not to PODpluser's employees, agents, joint ventures, or partners for any reason. You act on your own behalf and for your own benefit, not for PODpluser or PODpluser's benefit.
Due to the nature of the Internet, PODpluser cannot guarantee uninterrupted access and availability of PODpluser services. In view of capacity limitations or the integrity of our servers, we reserve the right to limit the availability of our services or certain functions when necessary. We also reserve the right to restrict access when performing maintenance measures to ensure the normal working and operation of PODpluser services. PODpluser may improve or modify its services and may launch new products from time to time.


Section 2. Rules of Creating and maintaining accounts

You need to reach a certain legal age to use PODpluser, and you are fully responsible for your account and the use of our services. If you violate our terms of service or act maliciously in other ways, we can modify, cancel or refuse service at any time. Therefore, when you create an account on the PODpluser platform, you need to abide by the following rules:

1. By accessing and using our services, you declare and guarantee that you are over 18 years old and have the legal capacity and power to sign contracts.


2. If you open an account on behalf of a company, organization or other entity, "you" includes you and the entity, and you declare and warrant that you are authorized to grant all the permissions and permissions provided in these terms of service and that the binding entity complies with it These terms of service, and you agree to these terms of service on behalf of the entity.


3. Creating a PODpluser account indicates that you agree to provide certain personal information to PODpluser, which may include your full name, current address, phone number, email address, etc. This information will be stored and used in accordance with PODpluser's privacy policy. You agree that you will provide PODpluser with accurate and complete information, and that you will update the information in a timely manner when the information changes.


4. We will use the email address you provide as the main communication method. Please make sure that your email address is true and valid so as not to miss important information.


5. You are solely responsible for protecting the security of your account credentials, and you must not disclose your credentials to any third party. If you have any reason to suspect that your credentials have been leaked, lost or stolen, or your PODpluser account has been actually or suspected of unauthorized use, you must notify PODpluser immediately. You are fully responsible for all activities performed through your PODpluser account. To the extent permitted by law, PODpluser is not responsible for any loss caused by others using your username or password, whether you know it or not.


6. PODpluser expressly denies any liabilities arising from cancellation, cancellation or suspension of your account for any reason. Once you violate any of the terms here, your account and registration will be terminated. You can terminate your account and participation as a registered user at any time through your account settings - cancel your account. Before proceeding to delete your account, please make sure you have disconnected the store from the corresponding sales channel, unsubscribe from the business plan and delete your registered credit card. Deleting your account is irreversible, after which you will lose access to your data. Nevertheless, you will still be responsible for all pending orders and expenses.


Section 3. Rules of Content

PODpluser respects intellectual property rights and asks you to do the same. Any content you upload will belong to you and you are responsible for it. We will only use the content you submit to provide you with our services. PODpluser is not responsible for any damages caused by copyright infringement or the use of restricted images on our products.

1. PODpluser grants you a limited, revocable, non-exclusive, and non-transferable license, allowing you to access and use the service for your personal use in accordance with the other terms of these terms of service. The company reserves all rights, ownership and interests in services not expressly granted here.


2. You can only publish content that belongs to you or content that you have obtained written authorization from the content owner. You declare and warrant that any content you publish belongs to you, or that you have been authorized to publish by the content owner. More detailed information can be found in the PODpluser copyright policy. By publishing the content, you also accept these terms. If you believe that someone has used your copyright or trademark improperly, please report it to us as described in the copyright notice.


3. By using the PODpluser service, you grant PODpluser a non-exclusive, transferable, sublicensable, royalty-free and global license to use, store, display, copy, save, modify, create derivative works, execute and distribute Your content is only used for the purpose of operating, developing and promoting PODpluser services.


4. If your content violates any of our service terms or policies, or is reported as infringing on the intellectual property rights of others, PODpluser may at any time at its sole discretion delete your content from our services, regardless of whether you are notified in advance. PODpluser is not obligated to monitor or supervise your content. In addition to intellectual property issues, content containing any of the following content is prohibited and may also lead to the termination of your account:

  1. Depicting pornographic or obscene content;
  2. Portray, promote or praise criminal, illegal or other harmful activities;
  3. Materials that promote hatred and violence;
  4. We hope that the content you submit respects others and the law.



Section 4. Use of Services

It is your responsibility to communicate with customers and deal with any claims they may make. We provide the best service we can provide on an "as is" basis, please be aware that it may be subject to errors and interruptions.

1. PODpluser cannot and will not make any guarantees about your content, store, or items you sell to our customers. Any legal claims related to the products purchased by your customers must be filed directly against you as the seller of the products. You exempt PODpluser from any claims related to the products you sell through our services, including claims for your misrepresentation of customers or claims for personal injury or property damage caused by any products stored by PODpluser for you.


2. The store on our website may contain links to third-party websites or services that we do not own or control (for example, links to Facebook, Twitter, etc.). You may also need to use one of our subcontractors or other third-party products or services to use some of our services (for example, using a compatible mobile device to use our mobile application). When you access these third-party services, you are at your own risk. Third parties may ask you to accept their terms of use. PODpluser is not a party to these agreements, and PODpluser will not be responsible for your use of these third-party services in any way.


3. To the maximum extent permitted by law, PODpluser  will not treat you or your customers due to any loss of profit or income, value reduction or any consequence, or caused by the service or this agreement Punitive damages, regardless of whether (I) any of the foregoing damages are foreseeable, (II) whether you have been notified that it may occur (any damages), (III) the law or the theory of equity (contracts) on which the claim is based, (Infringement or other), and (IV) any specific circumstances of you and/or your customers. In any case, the responsibility of the printer will not exceed the actual amount you paid for the services purchased or used through this website.


4. and other PODpluser graphics, logos, designs, headers, button icons, scripts and service names are registered trademarks or trade dresses of PODpluser, and may not be used with any products or services without PODpluser's prior written consent. As long as the links to the PODpluser website are included, partners and third-party websites can use the images and icons provided in our brand and Press Kit. PODpluser reserves the right to request the deletion of your use of images and icons at any time.


Section 5. Product

We strive to make our product development process as complete as possible. We do our best to provide you with the best pictures and descriptions, but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the colors and details in the website pictures are 100% accurate representations of the product, and the dimensions may be approximate in some cases.


We reserve the right to modify product specifications, prices, packaging, and any related services at any time without notice. Before ordering, we invite you to carefully review the product description and design.


The products of PODpluser are only shipped after passing the quality inspection. However, we do not guarantee that all the products received by customers are of good quality. In addition, the problem of product damage may also occur during transportation. Therefore, if the products you receive have quality problems, you must contact PODpluser within 14 days from the time the order status changes to "completed", and submit relevant information such as pictures required for review, and we will process it for you as soon as possible.


Section 6. Payments and fees

To order samples of your products or fulfill any customer orders, you must pay the order fees in advance. The price you pay will be the price of the product plus shipping and taxes (if applicable). The order will not be processed until PODpluser receives the payment.


Placing an order through this website means that you confirm that you are legally entitled to use the payment method provided, and in the case of using a card Pay Now, you are either the cardholder or you have obtained the cardholder’s explicit permission to use the card is valid for payment. If you use the payment method without authorization, you will be personally liable and should compensate PODpluser for losses caused by such unauthorized use.


Regarding the payment method, you declare to PODpluser that (i) the billing information you provided to us is true, correct and complete, and (ii) to the best of your knowledge, your financial institution will bear the costs (including but not limited to credit card company) or payment service provider.


If you or your customer make any return that does not comply with our return policy (described here), you will compensate PODpluser for the loss, including fulfillment costs and refund handling fees (up to $15 per refund).


We can at any time decide on our own to refuse to process transactions or refuse to provide services to anyone for any reason. We will not be liable to you or any third party for refusing or suspending any transaction after processing has started.


PODpluser may, at its sole discretion, provide you with various discounts, as well as change, suspend or stop these discounts at any time. You can find more information about available discounts on websites, marketing and promotional emails, or through other channels or events that PODpluser may use or participate in.



Section 7. Rules for handling order issues

If the generated order does not meet the user's or customer's expectations, the user is obligated to contact the PODpluser platform customer service in a timely manner. In order to better solve the problem, the user should provide all relevant materials to PODpluser to investigate the problem, including the Order IDrelated pictures, etc. If the user misses the best time to deal with the problem because the user does not provide the information in time, all the consequences shall be borne by the user.


Return and exchange policy:

PODpluser does not provide return service for the time being. If you receive a defective product, you must contact PODpluser within 14 days from the time the order status changes to "Completed", and send the Order ID and the picture of the defective product to customer service. After verification, we will reproduce it. Ship the item to you without you having Pay Now extra, or you can apply for a refund.


Refund policy:

When the order is in the "Paid" status, you can contact customer service, and we will immediately refund the entire amount of your order to your POD wallet.
When the order is in the state of "in Production", "Production completed", and "Qualified Inspection", if you want to apply for a refund at this time, you can contact customer service, we will deduct the cost of the goods in the order, and then leave the rest The amount will be returned to your POD wallet.
When the order is in the "Shipped" state, you cannot apply for a refund at this time.
When the order is in the "Completed" state, if you have any questions, please contact our customer service within 14 days from the time the order is completed;


PODpluser does not assume any responsibility when the following problems occur in the order:

  1. Problems caused by customers filling in wrong or insufficient delivery address/size or color/design documents;
  2. The application submitted by the customer after the claim deadline;
  3. Claims filed after the product is damaged or deformed by the customer;
  4. The customer refuses to sign for the package due to personal reasons;
  5. Problems caused by political movement/natural disaster risk/war and force majeure;


Section 8. Shipping

We deliver to most places in the world. You should bear the freight. The delivery price is an additional price to the product price and may vary depending on the delivery location and/or product type. For remote or hard-to-reach locations that require special attention, additional costs may be added to the order. Flat rate shipping is shown on our checkout page; however, we reserve the right to inform you of any additional shipping charges that apply to your specific shipping address.


Some products are individually packaged and shipped. We cannot guarantee the delivery date, and within the scope permitted by law, for products delivered after the estimated delivery date, we will not be liable for any known delays except to notify you. The average delivery time may be displayed on the website. This is just an average estimate, some deliveries may take longer or deliver faster. All delivery estimates given when placing an order and confirming an order are subject to change. In any case, we will do our best to contact you and inform you of all changes. We do our best to make product delivery as simple as possible.


Ownership of the product will only be transferred to you/customer after we have received full payment of all payables (including freight and taxes) related to the product and delivered the product to the carrier.


We do not guarantee any cooperation with you, including any cooperation with services, products (including new products), or any integration with supplier platforms.


For products lost in transit, all claims must be submitted within 14 days from the time the order status changes to "Completed". All such claims are subject to PODpluser's investigation and its own decision. All such claims are subject to PODpluser investigation and sole discretion.


Section 9. Disclaimer

We are not responsible for any losses you suffer as a result of using our services. If you violate the law or violate this agreement and you are prosecuted for it, we are not responsible.


We do not guarantee that your use of our services will be uninterrupted, timely, safe or error-free.

You expressly agree that your use or inability to use the service is at your own risk.


Section 10. Compensation

If you violate the law, violate these terms or any rights of a third party and lead to legal proceedings (including your claims for false statements from customers, and claims for personal injury or property damage caused by any products or items stored by PODpluser for you), PODpluser We are not responsible for any damages and liabilities caused by you.


We reserve the right to deal with a legal defense that we deem appropriate, even if you want to compensate us, in this case, you agree to cooperate with us so that we can implement our strategy.


Section 11. Contact Information

If you have any questions about this Terms of Service, or if you want to make suggestions on it, please send an email to