After-sales support

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What is your return & refund policy?

We don't offer returns for the time being. How we handle your refund request is determined by your order status. 


Order status is "Paid" - We will immediately issue a full refund to you.

Order status is "In Production", "Production completed", or "Qualified" - We will deduct the cost of the products and refund you the rest of the amount.

Order status is "Shipped" - Your refund request will not be accepted.

Order status is "Delivered" - Please get in touch with our customer service within 15 days of delivery. We will do our best to provide a satisfactory solution.

Order status is “Completed” - This status appears after 15 days of delivery. At this point, we’re unable to process your refund request because the reimbursement deadline has passed.

Please note that all the refunds will be sent back to the original payment method used to make the initial purchase.


If you are not happy with the product delivered, please contact our customer service for after-sales support.


What if the product delivered is a wrong item/damaged/has quality issues?

If you receive the wrong product or a damaged/defective product, please get in touch with our customer service as soon as possible and provide your order ID number as well as clear pictures/videos of the issue. After verification, our customer service team will apply the appropriate after-sales policy depending on the damaged/defective situation.


What’s the time limit for a refund request?

If you want to request a refund, please contact our customer service within 15 days of your order status becoming "Completed". To ensure a fast refund process, please provide the order ID and images associated with the product issue.


What if my customer is not happy with the product they receive?

If your customer is unsatisfied with the product, please get in touch with our customer service. After receiving information such as the order ID, relevant photos, and the reason why your customer is upset, we will open a support ticket and help you resolve the problem as soon as possible. Note that we will only issue a refund if the product is damaged or defective.


What if the delivery address was wrong?

To correct the delivery address of a paid order, please contact our customer service ASAP.


How do I contact the PODpluser support team?

You can start a live chat via our website chat bubble or send us an email at We will get back to you within 24 hours on weekdays.


Why do some garments have inconsistent fabric color?

Some of our products are pre-faded for an aged or distressed look, which is achieved through various processes such as stone wash, marble wash, and snow wash. These processes involve the use of mechanical abrasion to break down the fibers of the fabric, causing the color to fade and create a bleached, and even slightly worn-out appearance.


Unlike garments made from mass-colored fabrics, our garments are carefully washed and dyed in small batches. Therefore, even with the same dyeing process, there could still be minor variations in the garment's final color due to the intricacies of the process. Within the industry, these variations are often called "dyelot chromatism." 


We strive to minimize disparities and ensure that the garments fall within the same color range, although slight variations in color depth may still occur.


Typically, 80% of our small-batch dyed garments have consistent colors with a color fastness rate of 2 or 3, which are within the standard range.


The inconsistencies in the fabric color of pre-faded garments are an inherent aspect of the small-batch dying process. They can also give the garment a unique and individualized character.


What if there is a shift in the position of my printed design?

During the direct-to-garment (DTG) printing process, there is a possibility of placement errors, which can result in a slight shift in the print position.  


Placement errors typically occur for two reasons:


  1. Garment movement: During the printing process, the garment may shift slightly, causing the design to become misaligned. This can happen due to a variety of reasons such as the type of fabric, the garment's thickness, or the tension of the printing pallet.
  2. Material stretching or shifting: Depending on the material of the product, it may stretch or shift slightly during the printing process, leading to slight variations in the final print placement.

PODpluser maintains a placement error limit of 1cm. This means that if your printed design has a shift of 1cm or less from the intended position, it will not be considered a quality issue and is not eligible for a refund. We do our best to minimize the possibility of placement errors, but it's important to keep in mind that small shifts within this limit are a normal part of the DTG printing process.


How do you compensate me for delays?

We offer a Delay Compensation Service to protect your interests in the event of order delays. Here’s how it works:


If your order isn't delivered within the promised order duration, you can request compensation. We will compensate 1% of the order amount for each day of delay, up to a maximum of 20% of the order amount.


If an order takes more than 20 business days to arrive, you can choose to have it reshipped or receive a full refund. In addition, we will provide an extra 10% compensation of the order amount.


We promise to process all compensation requests and transfer the compensation amount to your POD wallet within 5 business days.


PODpluser’s promised order duration = turnaround time + maximum transit time.


Turnaround time

The turnaround time for orders below 800 USD is estimated to be 3 business days. If your order totals 800 USD or more, we'll promptly contact you to confirm the production and shipping time. This is because larger orders may also entail destination country customs duties.


Maximum transit time

The maximum transit time may vary depending on the delivery destination and the selected shipping method. For specific transit time frames, you can refer to our Shipping page.



A merchant named Cody paid $100 on PODpluser for her store order from the U.S. ​​and selected express shipping. In this case, our promised order duration is 3 business days (turnaround time) + 5 business days (maximum express transit time for the U.S.), totaling 8 business days. If Cody's American customer receives the order on the 10th business day after placing the order, which is 2 business days beyond the promised order duration, Cody can request a delay compensation of $2 (2% of the order amount).


Starting from 12 a.m.(ET) on October 1st, 2023, this compensation policy will apply to all orders placed thereafter.