Printing facts

Author: Release time: 2023-12-14 09:04:27 View number: 445

What printing methods do you use?

We use the latest DTG printing technology to quickly produce high-quality print results.


Which type of printing machine are you using?

The high-performance Brother GTXpro B printer. It features massive print areas up to a 16” x 21”, exceptional print quality, and eco-friendly inks.


Can you do embroidery or stitching for my designs?

We do not offer embroidery or stitching at the moment, but they should be available soon. Please subscribe to our newsletters or follow us on social media to be the first to know what’s new on PODpluser. 


What type of ink do you use?

We use environmentally-friendly, water-based inks certified by OEKO-Tex®. These inks can produce significantly bolder and more vibrant colors, ensuring higher accuracy and quality of the print outcome. In addition, their outstanding resistance to chemicals in laundry detergent and scraping of garment hardware keeps the colors from fading after washing.


Do your garments have a smell?

It depends on how the garment is dyed. Reactive-dyed garments are usually smellless. Sometimes acid will be used during the dyeing process to create a faded vintage style, which may result in a slight odor.


Will the colors of the real products come out exactly the same as what they look like on the computer?

The final printed colors could be slightly different than what's displayed in our mockup generator. This is because digital colors are formed by red, green, and blue (RGB), whereas ink colors consist of cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK). The outcome of these two color modes will never be exactly the same, even if they appear so.


We recommend you order a sample to better evaluate the print result.


How is your print quality with lower-opacity designs?

We use up-to-date DTG printing equipment that can produce high-quality color results for gradients and low-opacity images.


You can make a sample order to get an accurate understanding of how these designs look in real life.


Can you print on other products besides clothing?

PODpluser specializes in clothing print-on-demand & dropshipping and will continue focusing on high-quality apparel products.


Our long-term goals are to provide our customers with a wider range of apparel, more creative freedom, and faster fulfillment service.


What would it be like to print on a faded garment?

There’re a few things to keep in mind when you design a faded garment. 


1. The fabric color may look slightly different in reality than on a computer screen. The color inconsistency of faded fabric is often too subtle to be displayed on the screen.


2. Faded garments tend to be less colorfast.


3. The onscreen colors of a design may not precisely match the printed outcome. Some garments are pre-washed for a lived-in look. After pre-washing, a tiny amount of lint will remain on the fabric’s surface and later on mix with the ink during the printing process. This would very likely cause a color shift.


Do your prints wash off easily?

Our printing employs Brother's exclusive Innobella Textile eco-friendly water-based ink. This ink boasts high wash durability (certified with AATCC level 4) and a wide color spectrum. It has also been granted ECO PASSPORT certification by OEKO-TEX®.


Under standard usage and washing conditions, our prints do not exhibit noticeable color fading. In certain instances, initial washing may result in slight fading, which typically does not recur.


Should you have any concerns about the colorfastness of our prints, we suggest seeking evaluation from a reputable local institution. Personal experimentation is not recommended.